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Welcome to Knerrdy Consulting

WANTED: Businesses to help make thrive online!

Your business is dynamic and creative, shouldn't your website be too?

Based near Rochester, NY, Knerrdy Consulting specializes in turn key web solutions which make your web presence work for you. We seek a long term, professional relationship with clients where we can become an active part of their business and move your website from a stagnant drain on your bottom line to the top source of your customers.

We supply easy-to-update content which allows you to do as little (or as much) work as you want to keep your business website updated. We'll help you identify the portions of your business which change, be it products, services, prices, or specials, and keep your customers up to date with the latest your business has to offer. As your business grows, your website can grow too into a full blown e-commerce website, selling all over the world.

Please contact us today to find out what Knerrdy Consulting can do for you and your business to help it thrive online!

Knerrdy Consulting
CP Knerr, President
620 Morgan Road
Scottsville, NY 14546
(585) 261-6761

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